Owen Gun

Renders of my low poly 3d model of the Australian Owen Sub Machine Gun and its variants.

Includes multiple trigger housings, barrel and front sight assemblies, buttstock variants and attachments.

Originally made in the city of Wollongong in a home garage, 24 year old Evelyn Owen proposed adoption of his weapon to the Australian Army in 1939 and was rejected due to the small bullet caliber and lack of safety on the prototype weapon. Owen joined the Army during WWII, after which his neighbour Vincent Wardell, who happened to be a manager of a large steel factory, discovered the weapon, and arranged for Owen to be transferred to the Army Inventions Board to continue development of the weapon.

45000 Owen Guns were manufactured and they were used from adoptation in 1942 through to the 1960s. Owen Guns were used during World War II in New Guinea, during the Korean War, and Vietnam War.

4K textures, with Base Colour, Normal, Roughness and Metallic Maps.

Owen Gun Mk 1

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