UCAV Size Comparison – Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles

UCAV Size Comparison

It’s time for another Military Aircraft Size Comparison Chart! I spent the last couple of weeks working on illustrations for the UCAV size comparison. The latest in my series of aircraft comparison graphics.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, specifically those with a focus on combat are the focus of this comparison. The earliest on the chart, the Ryan Firebee (BGM-34A) first flew back in 1951. Today, companies are designing UCAVS in growing numbers. Internationally many countries have developed their own unmanned combat aircraft designs.

This time around I have produced every single one of the 55 featured aircraft are original drawings for the comparison. Many of the types of UCAVs had no good blueprints or 3 views available to work from and required quite a bit of research to get the shapes just right.

The full set of comparison graphics can be found over on the Aircraft Size Comparison Page. Now updated with the UCAV size comparison.


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